5 Tips for the Perfect Poster Design

Reny Tham 2020-07-12 19:24:48

1. Easily Read from a Distance

People tend to read posters from a distance, and they do not up close to read the fine prints. Make sure that your headline is bold and readable!

2. Big and Impactful Design

If designed well, a big and impactful image will not just catch the attention of your audience but also creating a more lasting impression!

3. Colour Contrast

Contrasting colours in a design creates a more compelling design that can attract your audience. Not only that, it also helps your reader identify the different key elements in your poster at a glance! You can use dark and light colours to achieve the effect.

4. Call-To-Action

This maybe be the most important point, as our whole intention of designing the poster is to convert our readers to customers! We need to give them a clear call message to take the action we want. This may include, the event date, the website, promotional code, or even QR codes which is a very popular tool nowadays.

5. Size and Location

Lastly, always ask yourself where would be your poster located. As this may impact your poster in several ways. For example you might not want your design to be the same colour scheme as the wall you are hanging on, as it will blend in with the environment and not easily noticeable. Also if it displayed along side other posters, you might want to create your posters with more unique colours and font types to stand out from the rest!