Everyone is talking about Foam Board. What exactly is it?

Reny Tham 2020-07-15 11:16:26
Foam Board is also known as Foam Core Board or Kapaline Board. It consists of a dense foam core sandwiched between two sheets of matte paper, and is commonly used for the mounting of prints, photographs and as backing in picture frames.

Advantages of Foam Boards

Super lightweight. Foam boards are incredibly light which means they can easily be transported, displayed and stored.
Easy to print and cut. Foam boards make for a great material for printing and cutting. Photos and designs can be printed directly onto the board and neatly trimmed to just about any shape.
Low cost. Foam boards are some of the least expensive printing and display materials on the market. Their low cost makes foam boards ideal for short-term or large-scale projects.

Disadvantages of Foam Boards

Not ideal for outdoor. Foam boards will warp, discolor, and disintegrate if exposed to prolonged sunlight or moisture. You should not use foam boards for permanent outdoor displays. However, if the weather is nice and dry, temporarily displaying your foam core boards outside won’t do them any harm.
Cannot take a beating. It could easily be snapped over your knee, dented by a slight fall, or punctured with a fingernail. So handle your foam core boards with care!


When it comes to its applications, it's more than you can imagine! It is ideal to be displayed indoor, somewhere where they will not be touched, and it makes a wonderful permanent signage solution of poster. How you choose to display your foam core board depends on the size of your print and the overall look you would like to achieve. Below are just some of it's applications.