4 Free Websites to get Name Card Design Templates

Danny Zhang 2020-08-08 11:18:13
Name cards are simple yet vital marketing tools that introduce your brand and leave a lasting impression on your potential customers. They stay with your target audience long after your physical interaction with them, in case they need to contact you after.
Your name cards should convey a sense of trust and contain all the essential information for customers to reach you. Here are some examples, to name a few:

  • Logo

  • Name

  • Title

  • Phone Number

  • Website

  • Social Media Profiles

One would assume that the way to get a decent name card design is to hire a professional.

If you are on a budget or would like to have more control over the look of your business cards, here are some websites we found where you can design them for FREE!

We have personally tested out these sites ourselves, and many of our customers have given us great feedback at the time of writing.

1. Canva

Canva is a design website that provides thousands of custom business card templates and stock images with easy to use editing features. They have many designs catering to different businesses as web designers, bakeries, and photography studios.
Designing a name card on Canva is a simple affair.

Note: Although you can accomplish much by using their free plan, Canva offers a pro plan at USD13.98 per month that unlocks more templates and stock images. You can also use Canva for social media marketing such as Facebook and Instagram posts. In our opinion, Canva provides immense value for small teams without a dedicated graphic designer.

2. Crello

Crello is an online image editor that allows you access to over 25,000 templates for your social media and marketing needs. What we love about Crello is that most design templates are available for free. The easy-to-use interface also makes designing a walk in the park.
Crello also offers a USD7.99 monthly subscription fee that gives you access to 30,000 premium templates and 50,000 video clips for your social media marketing needs.

3. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a cloud-based graphic creation platform created by the renowned Adobe catered to small and medium business owners. It allows users to create professional graphics. It also has a mobile phone app that can allow you to create or edit your designs on the go.
The downside is that templates are limited as compared to the above-recommended platforms. You will need a paid subscription to unlock premium features.

Note: Adobe spark offers a free trial of their services for two months. You can utilize their plan at SGD13.14 per month. Similar to the services above, you get access to thousands of free images and icons for your designs.

4. Biz Card Maker

Biz Card Maker is a free website for creating your business cards. If you require a simple name card with only the essential information, this is the perfect place to get your design.
For example, we created this name card from scratch using the interface. Not bad considering it only took 2 minutes of work!
We hope that you have found this article useful now understand that you can create a well-designed name card, even on a budget.