How do I set up my file using Adobe Illustrator?

Reny Tham 2020-07-16 11:02:50
Creating an artwork file in Adobe Illustrator involved a few simple steps.

1. Navigate to File > New

2. Select "Print" for the profile

3. Name your file and then set the Width and Height of the artwork file. In this example, we are creating an A4 size file of 210mm x 297mm

4. Set your bleed margins. In this example, we are using 3mm. Bleed ensures that there will a safety margin of during the cutting process.

5. Finally, under the “Advanced Options”, we will need to set the Colour Mode to CMYK., and Raster Effects to High (300 ppi). These settings will help to optimise the print quality of the end product.
Never mount your file in Illustrator without first configuring these fields. When all is done, your artwork file is now properly set-up, and you can start working on it!