How to Choose the Right Paper Weight for Name Cards

Danny Zhang 2020-08-11 10:13:28
Name cards are a must for any business owner or individual looking to build a personal brand recognition.

As business cards are to be passed from one person to another, the feel of the cards should be of utmost importance.

We will be going through the essential factors for choosing the right paper weight for printing name cards:

Why does Paper Weight Matter?

100pcs of 300gsm Artcard versus 100pcs of 250gsm Artcard

Your paper weight selection would depend on the impression you want to leave on your target audience.

One of the major advantages of using print marketing and name cards is that they are physical. It is something tangible that one can feel and touch.

While it can be tempting to spend most your time on designing, picking the right paper weight for your name card is the first step towards crafting a piece that would tell your brand’s story.

What is Paper GSM?

In commercial printing, we measure paper thickness and stiffness of cards using GSM. GSM stands for ‘gram per square meter’ and each paper GSM has its own qualities to bring out the best of your paper products.

The higher the GSM number, the thicker and stiffer the paper stock would be.

If you would like to learn more about paper GSM, check out our detailed guide to paper GSM.

Let’s explore some of the common paper weights that we use to print name cards at Print Market.

How to Choose the Right Paper Weight?

We print our name cards on two paper stocks:

  1. 250gsm Artcard

  2. 300gsm Artcard

Which paper stock you choose is dependent on how you are going to distribute your name cards and what impression you want to present to your target audience.

Budget is also another consideration factor. In general, the thicker the paper stock, the more expensive your finished product is going to be.

250gsm Name Cards

250gsm name cards are fairly lightweight, thin and cost effective, but are more prone to wear and tear. They are mainly used for display or as part of a staple marketing campaign.

Storage space could also be one of your concerns. If you want to hold more cards in a limited amount of space, choose 250gsm.

Here are some of our work to showcase the use of 250gsm cards:

300gsm Name Cards

In contrast, 300gsm cards are considerably more rigid and durable. They give off a more premium business card feel.

If you are personally handing out these cards at important events or meetings, they will stand out more and last longer.

Being more expensive, it is also crucial to consider your budget before purchasing these cards in bulk.

Here are some of our work to showcase the use of 300gsm cards:

Hope this guide has helped you better understand the difference between the paper weights used for business cards!

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