How to Select the Perfect Paper Weight for Your Flyers

Danny Zhang 2020-08-18 11:39:07
Flyers are useful when you need to bring attention to a product or service. They are cheap and fast to produce, effectively delivering your marketing message.

Printing flyers online can be easy. But, it can be challenging to select your paper specification when there are so many choices.

If you have a designed flyer, you might wonder what paper should I print it on:

Why Does Paper Weight Matter for Flyers

Paper selection is an essential process for flyer printing.

To help with that decision, you should consider two factors:

  1. Purpose of your flyers

  2. Flyer Distribution setting

Are you handing out flyers to promote a business, or using it as an information sheet at a trade fair?

Making a wrong paper selection can result in spending more budget on flyers than you need to. Or people throw away flyers when they shouldn't.

We will go through what you should look out for before selecting paper for your flyers in this flyer guide.

What is Paper GSM

In commercial printing, we measure paper thickness and stiffness of cards using GSM.

GSM stands for 'gram per square meter.' Each paper GSM has its qualities to bring out the best of your paper products.

The higher the GSM number, the thicker and stiffer the paper stock would be.

If you would explore in-depth into paper GSM, check out our detailed guide to paper GSM.

Let's explore some of the standard paper weights that we use to print flyers at Print Market.

80gsm - 128gsm Flyers

80 - 100gsm is the paper weight of regular printing paper. This gsm should be familiar with most people.

These flyers are light, cheap, and easy to distribute. You should get these flyers if you have a broad target audience.

Because these flyers do not have a long lifespan, do not expect your recipients to hang on to them for long.

Example Usage: Physical store promotion, event promotion

157gsm Flyers

157gsm almost card-like and is about 2x as thick as everyday printing paper.

Using 157gsm paper gives your flyer a professional and elegant feel, extending its lifespan.

Example Usage: Meetings, incentives, conferencing, exhibition

250gsm - 300gsm Flyers

These thicker and stiffer paper stocks are almost 3x as thick as printing paper and provide a luxurious feel.

They offer a superb finish for premium flyers. Because these flyers can withstand its' weight, it is easier for you to deliver your marketing message with impact.

You should save these flyers for messages you want you to want your target audience to remember.

Example Usage: Retail, hospitality industry


Understanding different paper weights available will make choosing easier when printing flyers.

Armed with this knowledge, you be able to choose the best value for your marketing dollars. Choosing the right paper weight will also align your flyers with your marketing message.

If you still need help with flyer selection, our professional team is always ready assist you.