Which Sticker Material Should You Choose?

Danny Zhang 2020-10-19 16:57:55
Custom printed stickers are powerful branding tools you can employ for your business. The number of ways you can use them for marketing is practically limitless.

You can host giveaways for your die-hard fans, label your products to share useful information, or use them to build a brand that gets noticed.

Before you employ your stickers, you should understand the different types of materials available. Each material has its pros and cons and therefore offers tradeoffs.

Only by knowing your specific use case can you decide which is better suited for you.

TLDR Version

Materials Paper Synthetic Vinyl / Plastic
Water Proof No Yes Yes
Tear Proof No Yes Yes
Scratch Proof No No Yes
Durability Low Medium High
Reusability No Leaves Residue Less Residue
Price $ $$ $$$

Paper Stickers

Paper stickers are our most popular option. They are affordable, versatile, and fast to produce. Colors almost seem to pop when printed on our paper stickers.

Paper stickers can be used in indoor settings and fulfill a wide range of packaging needs.

The downside of paper stickers is that they are not waterproof and tearproof. As such, they are ideal for single-use purposes. You should also not use these stickers outdoors.

To maximize the number of stickers with a limited budget, consider paper stickers.

Here are some use cases of paper stickers:

  • Food packaging

  • Corporate branding

  • Events

  • Wedding

  • Box Labeling

Our paper sticker products:

  1. Glossy Mirrorkote Paper Sticker

  2. Woodfree Paper Sticker (Writable)

  3. Kraft Paper Sticker (Writable)

Synthetic Stickers

Synthetic stickers are made of plastic material and are our most versatile option. It is waterproof, tearproof, and flexible. Because of its versatility of application, it comes at a slightly higher price tag than paper stickers.

The flexibility of these stickers allows them to adhere to curved surfaces with ease. Hence, it is ideal for applications such as cosmetic products, curved food packaging, and bottle labels, to name a few.

Common use cases:

  • Frozen food packaging

  • Cosmetic products

  • Haircare products

  • Curved surface application

  • Bottle or can beverage labels

Our synthetic sticker products:

  1. Matt Synthetic Sticker

  2. Clear Sticker (Waterproof)

  3. Foil Sticker (Gold and Silver)

  4. Holographic Sticker

Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers are more expensive than our other material options, but they have many properties that our customers require.

These stickers are waterproof, tearproof, weatherproof, and are virtually indestructible.

Vinyl stickers use a strong adhesive for easy application. They also remove with ease without residue, which makes them ideal for reusability.

Because they are so durable, it is useful for unique applications such as everyday use or harsher environments:

  • Bumper stickers

  • Window stickers

  • Brand Recognition

  • Swag stickers

  • Phones & Laptops

  • Machinery

Our vincyl sticker products:

  1. Standard Vinyl Sticker (Removable)

  2. Clear Vinyl Sticker (Removable)