Why do I need to submit my files in CMYK colour?

Reny Tham 2020-07-15 11:03:24
Printing processes rely on the CMYK colour model, instead of RGB colours. RGB has the capacity to reach very bright colours, which is not possible in print. If your design contains a very bright colour, chances of this colour appearing much paler are high, when converted to CMYK. Setting up your files this way will ensure that the colours printed on the products will be close to what you see on your screen.
You can convert the file to CMYK colours yourself in steps we outlined below.

Using Adobe Photoshop
Navigate to Image > Mode > CMYK Colour
Using Adobe Illustrator
Navigate to File > Document Colour Mode > CMYK Colour
You can also choose to upload the RGB file anyway. If artwork is submitted as RGB, we will automatically convert it to CMYK for print. The downside to this is that there will be a slight colour difference between the file you submitted and the file we are sending to the printer.