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  • Foam Board Poster
    4.50 (8)
  • by Adel ***
    26 December
    Quality print and lamination.
  • by Mochi***
    30 November
    I ordered 2 A4 boards for 30 plus dollars and one came with a defect as shown in the picture. The boards were also cut terribly with many cuts that are overshot of the cutlines I provided. Some cuts are also rough and jagged and were not cut well. I have sent in an enquiry regarding this but have yet to receive a response. For 30 dollars, this is extremely disappointing as I expected a much higher quality product.
  • by Jeffr***
    16 July
    Experience with Print Market has always been great. Print quality and cutting (for foamboard) is always good. Special mention to Alexia who helped with many questions and also troubleshooting some minor issues. But overall, a pleasant experience. A* for Alexia and PrintMarket.
  • by Ron L***
    9 May
    Love how the quality and how the photos turn out. This will be my go to place for photo printing!!!
  • by Eluxe***
    27 January
    Good Seller. recommended!
  • by Joana***
    19 October
    Quality was good and what we expected :) would buy again!
  • by Josep***
    1 October
    Good quality print for the poster
  • by Karis***
    1 September
    Value for money, great quality to provide our machine features!