Glossy Mirrorkote Paper Sticker

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Glossy Mirrorkote paper stickers are our most popular option. They are affordable, versatile, and fast to produce. Colors almost seem to pop when printed on our paper stickers. They are:

  • Economical

  • Tearable

  • Non Waterproof

  • Smudge resistant

Our customers use them for:

  • Food Packaging

  • Company Branding

  • Events

  • Wedding

  • Box Labeling

Make sure that the fonts should at least be 6 pt in size such that it can read easily.
Make sure that the resolution of your images and graphics in your artwork are at least 300dpi achieve a clearer print.
Printing processes rely on the CMYK colour model, instead of RGB colours. Setting up your files this way will ensure that the colours printed on the products will be close to what you see on your screen.
Add a bleed of at least 3mm around all edges of your design. And keep all important text and images at least 3mm away from the edge of the finished size.
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